About us

The world of Didi and Bud is one where babies are babies, children are children and mums/dads get to enjoy at least one hot beverage a day!

It's a world where manufacturing is ethically conscious, crisp whites and a full nights sleep (we wish) are the order of the night time. 

The concept, the design, the illustrations and the manufacturing are all born in England. We support 'Make it British' and are proud to do so. Our minimalist designs are designed to be timeless, unisex and mostly non seasonal. 

My name is Becky, tea dependent Mom to 'Didi' and 'Bud' and our newest little Poppet - my three amazing littlies who are the inspiration behind the brand. 

Bud - because he's always been my little buddy and at 6, he's quite the little gent.

Didi - because it's what Bud has always affectionately called her and she is  - Didi. 

Poppet - well she came along a little after Didi + Bud but is very much a part of the inspiration now 

And finally, we ought to mention 'the big man' as daddy plays a huge part in supporting this endeavour. 

So welcome to our world - we hope to see you again soon! 

Contact hello@didiandbud.co.uk