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Rebecca Hodges

Posted on November 30 2018

Since Bud was born in 2014 and Didi + Bud was born in 2016, I've had a little dream....a dream of promoting and supporting like minded creators who have a passion for their products which are ethically good and are made in the UK. Good too in the sense that they are good for you and good for the planet. I'm delighted to announce that I'm welcoming HYP Candles to Didi + Bud to start providing a greater set of British made ethical products!

HYP (Help Your Pregnancy) candles are exactly this and when I was pregnant with Ada Rose in 2016/17 I fell in love with them. I felt like they were actually doing me good, making me take some down time and I was aware of them when I walked in to a room without them even being lit - and this is why I'm launching them here. Their creator and maker - Rebecca Gillies is inspiring - inspiring in her drive but also her determination to create something a little bit different.

I am super excited that Rebecca has agreed to come on board with Didi + Bud and I hope you love her candles as much as I do! The perfect pregnancy or non pregnancy gift to yourself or someone close to you - may these luxury candles bring equal amounts of pampering and relaxation in to your homes. Becky x x

A personal note from Rebecca Gillies - Founder – HYP Candles

Let’s face it, growing a baby is no mean feat. Here at HYP, we think that expectant mothers are more than deserving of some time out to indulge and pamper and what better way to treat yourself than to introduce some gentle, safe aromatherapy into your daily routine as your pregnancy progresses?

HYP Candles began through our own love of aromatherapy and scented candles so, when we found out we were expecting, we searched hard for products that we felt confident were completely natural and safe for use during pregnancy – which is really not as easy as you’d think!  As well as this, we wanted to find fragrances that we could use when practicing hypnobirthing relaxation and also during labour.

We found, as many others do, that we were limited when searching for products that can be used with confidence whilst expecting a baby. Sadly, so many candles on the market are packed full of synthetic ingredients as well as using paraffin wax which, when burned, creates toxic benzene and toluene chemicals, both of which are known carcinogens.

So, off we went with our love of all things smelly and our precious baby bump and created our own products, which we know are the safest way to enjoy essential oils over those all-important few months of pregnancy. We worked closely with aromatherapists to develop a range of candles that are wonderfully indulgent, but most importantly, are also not harmful to you or your precious cargo. We are able to offer reassurance at a time when it’s needed most, having spent time sourcing natural wax and organic essential oils, making sure that our candles are gentle and safe for mamas and also the environment. So, here’s a little more detail about each of our candles, what’s in them and how they can Help Your Pregnancy.

HYP’s Calm candle is designed to help you unwind and support deep relaxation. It is blended with oils known to support relaxation throughout pregnancy, helping to soothe tension, relieve anxiety and calm the mind.

Calm was designed to be used in conjunction with hypnobirthing practice and deep relaxation. Lavender has a calming, quietening effect and works wonderfully alongside supportive mandarin which eases mental fatigue. Frankincense is a comforting addition, particularly effective in relieving anxiety and bringing inner strength.

HYP’s Energise candle has been created to uplift invigorate and promote a positive state of mind and is blended with oils known to provide an instant mood-lift creating a sense of power and positivity.

There can be points during pregnancy when energy levels can really take a hit and managing to get through the day can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle. Energise is a refreshing citrus candle. It contains orange and lemon oils which promote happy, relaxed feelings and work as effective mood lifters, alongside comforting lavender and frankincense. Perfect as part of your morning routine.

HYP’s Restore candle has been developed to settle and relieve symptoms associated with morning sickness and is blended with oils known to restore a feeling of wellbeing.

Morning sickness can be an ongoing battle for mums-to-be and often not just in the mornings. Restore is a refreshing and zesty candle using grapefruit which is known to help settle nausea. Though we're not able to guarantee a cure (we're sorry), what we hope to do is ease symptoms and help you feel more positive.

HYP’s Breathe candle is designed to ease breathing, soothe and comfort and is blended with oils known to cleanse the body and mind and reduce nasal irritation often experienced during pregnancy.

Non-allergenic rhinitis can often be caused by the changes in hormones during pregnancy and although a blocked nose may not be the most common symptom experienced, for those that it affects, it can be one of the most frustrating. Breathe uses clean, refreshing eucalyptus and cleansing, purifying tea-tree to provide a gentle yet effective decongestant. The addition of lavender helps to release tension and gentle strengthen and restore.

We believe that taking time every now and then to listen to your body and to check-in with how you’re feeling is a key part of having a happy and healthy pregnancy. Try to prioritise some time for self-care (whilst you can!) by booking a spa day, putting your feet up, having an early night or accepting the rare offer of a massage.  Better still, you could light one of our candles and enjoy the benefits of pregnancy aromatherapy and know that you’ve done an extra little bit of good for you and your little bundle.

Rebecca Gillies

Founder – HYP Candles



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